Our Agency

Our firm has many great and local relationships. We build long lasting and committed friendships with our clients. We are proud to serve many small and large businesses as well as individuals in our surrounding communities in Illinois and Indiana. We are dedicated to listening to your needs, assisting you with what you need, and we are always here for you whether we are enrolling you or just sending you friendly reminders about tax forms, calendar issues or changes in the law.

We are independent Agents in Danville, Illinois, free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you and your family or your business. Owen Financial Services represents a carefully selected group of financially strong and reputable insurance companies which allows you the right coverage at a competitive price.

When you decide to buy a home, you don’t purchase the first home you see. You need to investigate the home and its benefits or challenges. If only one home were available and they were all the same style and color, you wouldn’t have much of a choice. The same is true for insurance. You need insurance to protect from illness and injury or to assist you when in need. If there was only one insurance carrier with one type of insurance plan, you wouldn’t have a choice! We want you to see options and those options must fit your needs.

Meet the Staff

Larry Owen has been working with individuals and businesses in the area since 1981. He is licensed in Illinois and Indiana. Larry holds various professional designations and is licensed to sell a variety of products. Larry and his wife live in Danville. In addition to the joy of children & grandchildren, they have a deep commitment to hot air ballooning and community involvement via AMBUCS & other charitable opportunities.

Larry Owen, Agent
217-446-6690 office
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Debbie Roberts has been working with individuals and businesses in the area since 1990. She is licensed in Illinois and Indiana. Debbie is licensed to sell a variety of insurance products. She has over thirty years in the banking industry which taught her the value of customer relationships and retaining those customers! She and her husband live in Danville. They too enjoy hot air ballooning (in the form of committed & dependable crew to their good friends/pilots, Larry & Sheelagh Owen). They are involved in many charitable & community opportunities.

Debbie Roberts, Agent
217-446-6690 office
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[email protected]

Sheelagh Owen has been working with individuals and businesses in the area since 1986. She has worked in the insurance industry for 20 years. She has experience in providing superior customer service, high-quality administration services, intense insurance industry training and satisfying many varieties of insurance claims.

Sheelagh Owen, Customer Service Representative
217-446-6690 office
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